There are values that transcend time, both in terms of technological innovation and in the field of aesthetics. One of the link between them is certainly laser engraving, more recent technology has been able to prove it. Specifically, laser engraving is a technology that is a combination of IT, creativity and imagination. A huge advantage for you as a potential customer, especially for us serious participation by your imagination and your creativity in the final result of our work together. In practical terms, laser engraving is a process in which there is a burning, melting and evaporation of the material is exposed to the laser beam. Material processing laser technology has many advantages. No contact, the process is clean and dry, flexible and cost-effective. When we say there is no contact literally mean it. The only tool that we use in laser engraving, cutting and marking is light and precise beam. Laser engravings are durable, resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and scratches. Laser engraving for the past nine years, the basic activity of the company Aspen.

Aspen - laser engraving offers the following services:

  • laser engraving
  • laser cutting
  • laser marking
  • stamps

See some of our work in various fields:

Aspen - laser engraving

souvenirs, stamps, posters, labels, companies, models, models, key chains, technical tables, accession numbers, labels, wooden business cards, gifts, pendants made of EVA foam, labels, labeling facilities, 3D letters, greeting cards, icons ... galerija

Aspen - laser engraving laser system has one of the world leaders in the production of these types of machines - Epilog Laser Engraver





Aspen - laser engraving and cutting. Stamps, tables and technical models - Pozega - Serbia

What is a laser? The word is actually an acronym which is in Serbian and English language has become a noun. In the English language even exists in the form of the verb - "to lase". The acronym is derived from the definition of practical.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Now you probably understand why the acronym came into use. The loose translation of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Now everything is clear.

Characteristics of laser light

The light produced by lasers is far more monochromatic, more direct, stronger and more coherent than any obtained from any source.

Monochrome - your light from one source is of the same wavelength (and therefore the same color). The wavelength of the laser light, each determined by the amount of energy released when an electron transition to a lower energy level.

Coherent - all photons are moving in one direction.

Directional - laser beam is focused to a single point so that the high intensity, as opposed to say, the light that comes from a light bulb that has been dispersed and of low intensity.

Because of these characteristics for the laser beam we can precisely control and use of the different purposes. Also for engraving - laser engraving. Precision that is achieved when etching is about "two hundredth," said artisan language, or to clarify an inch is divided into 50 parts. When you cut into a cut which is about 0.15 mm.

It should also be noted that different types of lasers differ in these characteristics as well as the wavelength, size, efficiency. There is no laser that is suitable for all purposes but some particular combinations of characteristics can be to do things that were before the advent of lasers were impossible. They are custom products and their use is really tight.

Laser systems that Aspen has been designed for fine engraving, precision cutting and marking of different materials.

What materials can engrave, cut or mark with us? A wooden clirite through the skin and marble ... the list is long.

Below is a list of some of the most popular materials that are processed.

If you have any material that would like to test with us, please feel free to contact us.


Stainless steel    
Non-ferrous metal    
Chrome-plated metal    

NAPOMENA: because of the nature of materials that contain PVC are not able to process them.

Specifically, the processing of these materials are released substances in contact with the air kisonikom create a very aggressive substances that adversely affect all parts of the machine and especially the optics which is the most sensitive part of the system.

Aspen has laser systems, one of the world leaders in the production of these types of machines - Epilog Laser Engraver.         Cooperation epilogue Aspen has existed since the founding act and purchase the first machine (Legend 24TT 35W) in 2004. year and to the mutual satisfaction expanded purchasing a new machine (Helix 50W) 2009th year.

Reliable operation of our machines and I guarantee respect for deadlines.

Spectre of materials that can engrave, cut or mark is very wide.

Machine Legend 24TT Helix
Power 35 W 50 W
The maximum surface of engraving 610 x 305 610 x 457
Maximum height of materials for engraving 152 mm 234 mm
Resolution from 75 to 1200 dpi


The primary purpose of PRINTLINE series toner cartridges that you offer the best replacement for the original toner cartridge manufacturers and thus can significantly reduce the cost of printing, but the quality and quantity compared to the original toner.

Recycling toner and toner cartridge are two different terms that describe different procedures.

Charging is "maybe" the cheapest way to extend the length of your cartridge, but the quality and limitations of this procedure was soon apparent. When charging is done only Refill powder. In addition, a powder that is used to supplement the generally the same for all types of toner (and should not be) and is generally of dubious quality. All parts of toner cartridges they remain the same, worn out and worn it only reduces print quality and lifespan of your printer.

Recycling toner on the other hand involves a complete replacement of all parts of the tape that are worn out. With the help of world-renowned manufacturer of components and powder for black and white and color toner cartridges, Static Control, a PRINTLINE boasts the best quality parts that are changed in the process of recycling toner cartridges. PRINTLINE toner cartridge is filled with 5-10% more powder and thus extends the use of up to 15% more than the original cartridge.

Aspen is an authorized distributor of PRINTLINE toners.

Shipping PRINTLINE toner in Pozega is free.